Cuckoo Vita-S Inverter

Introduction – Cuckoo VITA-S inverter is the best inverter available in the market for your air-conditioners. These inverters come with in-built anti-oxidant and antibacterial technologies that will make the indoor air of your house cooler, safer, and fresher. These technologically-smart inverters have several features that will enhance your indoor air quality. Let us read about some advanced features and the newest in-built technologies in the Cuckoo VITA-S inverters.

Product Features

  1. Filters – The advanced cuckoo vita-s inverters have in-built vitamin – c and silver ion filters, which enhance the air quality of your indoor spaces. The vitamin c filter enhances your immunity and can do wonders for your skin. It reduces the chances of skin problems and boosts the anti-aging phenomenon of your skin. On the other hand, a silver-ion filter removes harmful air pollutants and toxic substances from the air by filtering particles that are harmful to your lungs.
  2. Disinfection – These inverters also have an in-built UVC-LED disinfection technique. These UV lights operated disinfection formula ensures that even the bacteria and germs that enter and other pollutants do not infiltrate the air inside your house. These lights have superior disinfection technology that kills almost 99% of bacteria and germs in your house, thus sanitizing your indoors while cooling it.
  3. Hydrophilic Fin – The all-new advanced cuckoo vita-s inverters have an in-built golden hydrophilic fin that automatically absorbs and removes the indoor heat. These fins are 100% resistant to corrosion, so they never wear out even after years of use. Additionally, these inverters come with a 4-D air flow, so no matter where you place them, they will provide cooling in the entire area.
  4. Self-cleaning – These cuckoo vita-s inverters come with self-cleaning technology, so you do not need to go through the cleaning process yourself. It self-cleans the whole machine with just a click of a button. Also, these inverters have SMART technologies, so you do not need to operate them using a remote control. You can be anywhere and still operate these inverters.

Apart from these features mentioned, other benefits that the company provides are –

  • Free servicing every 6 months.
  • 5 years warranty on the product.
  • Free installation and delivery.
  • Free power switch, 10 feet of copper wire, and free wiring to aid the installation process.

These cuckoo vita-s inverters are indeed a technological marvel. They come with highly smart technologies, so you do not need to follow the same old process of switching on and off the inverter every time. Additionally, the perks and benefits the company provides post-installation and post-purchase are something that every company doesn’t offer. These modern-day inverters are a true bliss for any modular house, and they are so sleek and compact in design that they can fit anywhere in the house. The 4-D air flow provides fresh, clean, and cool air in even the remotest corners of your house. So, if you are planning to buy a sleek, innovative, and modern inverter with an in-built purifier, you must check out cuckoo vita-s inverters.